Jacoby Ellsbury! Congrats Red Sox!


Found out why I didn’t know about Jeff’s birthday cake. Thanks @MightyHive!

Modern day lost and found.

Kanye and Ben Horowitz. Guys not afraid to shake things up.

I had seen this list before. I believe it was mentioned in a psychology class I took some years ago. Eddie mentioned to me today that Paul Graham had talked about this in a recent essay and then sent the link to me. I did recall the sentiments that “nobody dies thinking they should have worked more” and “spend more time with family.” Like many intelligent things, there’s really not much to argue with here. And overarching mantra has entered thoughts and conversations for me repeatedly in recent weeks: You have to make yourself happy.

Parkour Parkour

  • Campo: Yo dude, where are you guys?
  • Fitzy: We're parkouring.

Packed up to begin the nomad life. I got rid of many of my possessions (not all for better or worse) and am headed out on a pseudo-nomadic adventure. I keep re-learning that I have incredible friends that are big enablers. I honestly don’t know what awaits, or where the journey will take me. All I know now is that the journey itself is the reward.

I think a good goal is to not do this anymore.